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WinLimo is a complete trip scheduling, dispatch and billing system designed specifically for Taxi, Limousine and Black Car companies. WinLimo is part of the highly respected TranWare Enterprise suite of transportation dispatch products, which provide a tiered approach to aligning the needs and budgets of virtually any passenger transportation company with one of 4 TranWare product versions. This allows each customer to streamline and professionalize their business at the lowest possible entry cost, while providing a seamless migration path that can accommodate growth and expanding capabilities.

As WinLimo is the web-based version of TranWare, there is no software to install or maintain, making start-up costs ultra-low and system implementation simple and painless. Simply access your WinLimo system from any internet connected PC, using Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop. We maintain your WinLimo system in tier 1 hosting facilities using the latest Cloud based architecture which ensures high reliability and fast access.

WinLimo comes bundled with live web-based training and live, unlimited business hour support to ensure that you are up and running quickly with reliable service for the long term. At any time, should you outgrow WinLimo or wish to migrate to a Desktop or Enterprise version of TranWare, you may do so without losing any of your historial data. All web-based and Enterprise databases are fully compatible, ensuring long-term operational consistency. With over 15 years of constant refinement, WinLimo has the power and the flexibility to take your business to the next level!

Right out of the gate, WinLimo will professioanlize and streamline your entire operation, from rapid Call Taking with Trip Reservation History and Standing Orders to flexible Trip Pricing and integrated optional Billing. WinLimo is designed for speed and simplicity, eliminating duplicate entry and post processing, while streamlining dispatch. Optional customer web booking and driver messaging may also be added at any time.

The power, flexibility and highly configurable functionality of WinLimo's limousine reservation and management software truly make it an industry leader.

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